Greg B. Tafoya (Santa Clara Pueblo and Sac & Fox) launched the rezriders.org website in 2001, and authored the curriculum in 2007 as a public health graduate student; where he based key theories on his experiences as a risky youth, a professional snowboard instructor and mentor, and research scientist. Through out life he observed that board-sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing require critical thinking, high level thought processes and quick decision-making that resonate with risky youth and young adults. Through program adaptation, it’s implementation was intended to serve as intervention and prevention involving local community cultures.  From a research partnership lead by Janice Tosa (Pueblo of Jemez), a mixed-methods evaluation plan has been tested with proven effectiveness using a positive psychology perspective.

“Throughout the activities we’ve done, I have come to realize that every student has the ability to accomplish the things they want,” says Board Member Kaitlyn Yepa, “RezRIDERS has brought out the best out in the students, by challenging them to take part in activities beyond their comfort zones. I believe that RezRIDERS is helping them realize that there is a lot to experience out there and not to be afraid to take on a task, no matter how hard it may seem”