Estevan Sando

estevanbioEstevan Sando is an enrolled member of Jemez Pueblo. He has been an active Tribal Research Team and program mentor for RezRIDERS since 2012. Estevan values of the importance of this program for Jemez, and all tribal youth. He loves the different ways in which the program challenges himself, other mentors and the youth. When Estevan first learned about the program he did not hesitate to become a mentor. He saw RezRIDERS as a unique program and with great opportunities for his tribe and sees it being relevant for other tribal communities.

Since the beginning, Estevan has been a great asset and role model for the program. Estevan works diligently to ensure that tribal youth understand the importance of cultural values how practicing them results with strong Jemez traditions. As a gifted hunter and professional tracker requiring long periods of outdoor exposure, Estevan understands very well the connections between nature, well being and health.