Kanisha Chinana

KanishabioMy name is Kanisha Chinana, im from the Pueblo of Jemez and I am 18 years old. I first heard about RezRiders from my cousin who is also a board member. The passion she spoke with when telling me of the organization is what made me join. At first I was a little hesitant but I loved it. RezRiders gave me a better look at life.

I personally was challenged by the extreme sports we did; water rafting, snow boarding, and rock climbing. What got me to face my fears and become a better person was the fact that I was not alone. RezRiders brought together a family and it showed us students that there is so much more than the reservation life. When the program came to an end I was a little devastated until I got the call to become a youth leader.

Of course I accepted the position and I was so prepared to help other students become better persons. Being a youth leader challenged me as well. It brought the leader out of me and taught me responsibility. Without RezRiders I wouldn’t have the strong core values that I have today.