Partnerships – RezRIDERS is based upon strong and effective community-industry-professional relationships built within the context of community cultural values and practices.

Mentoring – When supported, people will make decisions that are best for themselves, their family, and community. With open communication, people will be able to learn from those who have experience.

Fun – Being stoked or excited to be in the outdoors, is an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults and youth alike. The extreme sport clusters in RezRIDERS pairs fun activities with cultural mentoring/indigenous values to parallel historical and traditional physical challenges and ways of learning.

Health – Holistic well-being is the result of a collective and individual spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional series of events and experiences.

Giving Back – Central to RezRIDERS is the opportunity to appreciate and give back to the community. Participant leadership skills are enhanced through youth-led community action projects, an experiential and service learning opportunity, resulting in community contribution.